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Return To Play Email - June 27th


June 27th, 2020

Re: Return To Play - Summer Training Starting July 6th

We are excited that we are able to return to the field, starting July 6th. It is in times like these that you recognize how fortunate you are just to go out and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. That being said and as eager as we are to get back out there we must make sure that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our players and our staff. Therefore, we need all our members to be up to speed on our new safety protocols. These will be made available to you on our website, through social media and upon registration. If you are ready to return to the field please make sure to read through all the information provided so you know what is expected of you. These protocols have been worked out based on the guidelines set by the CDC, NJDOH and NJYSA. Please take them seriously. Ensure you go over them with your children as well as anyone that will be responsible for dropping off or picking up from the field.

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June 3rd, 2020

Dear UCFC members & families,

We hope this note finds you and your loved ones well.

On Friday May 29th our Governor announced that youth sports are allowed to return to some form of activity, starting Monday June 22nd. This is an exciting development and it shows that we are on the right track. Our club is very eager to return to the fields that we were forced to leave so suddenly mid-March. However, we do have to keep in mind that although we are allowed to return to some form of activity, there will be many restrictions in place. 

During the press conference, it was also made known that details on how sports can return will be released prior to June 22nd. Based on the limited amount of information available we expect that the return to youth soccer will be rolled out in phases and during the early stages we should expect that it will not look anything like what we are used to.

Based on the above, we want to make sure that we not only focus on when we return, but also on how we return. The health and safety of all our members, families, coaches and others involved is still our number one priority. We are excited about the positive developments taking place but want to return to activity properly. Our state governing body for youth soccer, New Jersey Youth Soccer Association, did work out a timeline and a preliminary list of recommendations for all member clubs. This timeline and these recommendations were shared with the member clubs about a week ago. We expect to receive an update on this before June 22nd.

These recommendations limit the number of players and teams on the field; participants still need to social distance and should also wear protective gear (e.g., train with a mask on and wear protective gloves); and participants and coaches need to keep a close eye on their overall health. These are just a few examples of items to consider when returning to the field. Given all the restrictions in place, although we are waiting for more information from our state and local government, we will not rush our return to the field. 

We do also need to stress that no matter how we return that there will always be risk involved. Our members therefore must decide for themselves whether they feel comfortable returning to play. No one should feel any pressure to come back out and play.

We are hopeful that at some point this summer the restrictions will loosen up. We will consider running summer programs for those members that are interested but this will largely be based on how the weeks ahead unfold . Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to monitor the situation.

March 16th, 2020

Hello everyone,


Hopefully, this message finds you healthy and safe.  Following the lead of our schools and leagues, Union County FC is suspending all soccer-related activities until further notice. UCFC is monitoring the guidelines put out by our state and local government officials, as well as our governing soccer associations. UCFC will not re-start soccer activities until they are deemed safe to do so for the health and safety of the community as a whole. EDP league has postponed all of our games through 3/29, and will be issuing further guidance in the next couple of weeks. Under no circumstances should any of our teams conduct any training, scrimmages, practices, pickup games, or other group activity. We are also asking all of our players and professional trainers to forgo any individualized or small group training until further notice. 


We thank all players, parents, coaches, and employees for their patience and cooperation during this crisis. 

Thank you,

Union County Football Club Board of Directors